The current quality standards for nurseries only cover technical, sanitary, construction and nutritional standards. They do not cover areas which are key to the all-round development of a child, such as: the child’s relationship with the carer, ways/methods of supporting development, the educational proposal, relations with parents. And it is these issues that determine whether the child will be happy in the nursery and whether parents will be confident that their child is in good hands.

The programme is a response to the problems we have identified in relation to care and educational services for the youngest children, such as:

  • low parental confidence in out-of-family care;
  • lack of knowledge among employers and authorities on how to introduce new services for young children;
  • low awareness of parents and authorities how to stay in good institutions to increase children’s educational opportunities.

The long-term goal of the programme is to improve the quality of nurseries, children’s clubs and day carers. We want every municipality in Poland, which under the so-called Nursery Act supervises early childhood care and education institutions, to know how to do this and to be given the tools to support the quality of these institutions. In turn, each private or public early childhood care and education institution could independently conduct a self-evaluation of quality in all dimensions.

As part of the programme, we envisaged the following activities:

  • research into the awareness and needs of parents, staff working in nurseries and representatives of local authorities regarding the quality of care and education for young children,
  • analysis of foreign experiences in the field of early childhood care and education standards
  • development of quality standards with indicators
  • publication of a guide containing the developed standards
  • creation of the website www.najmlodsi.org.pl providing online access to the developed standards
  • organisation of a conference to disseminate the developed standards

To download:

Quality from the beginning (PDF)