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The grand final of the “Loving Vincent” Art Auction in aid of Ukrainian Children

Last Saturday, 24th of September 2022, the charity auction “Loving Vincent” Art Auction in aid of Ukrainian Children which was organized in cooperation with BreakThruFilms, the producer of “Peasants” and Oscar nominated “Loving Vincent” (2017) movies was officially closed.  It was very successful and kept everyone in suspense until the last second.

The auction kicked off exaclty 6 months after the outset of the war in Ukraine and all income was donated to Fundacja Rozwoju Dzieci for opening Spynka childcare centers for Ukrainian refugee families in Poland.

Here you can read short summary:

  • 32 days that is how long auction lasted
  • 10 lots were won: 5 autographed „Loving Vincent” poster; 2 original oil paintings created by two Ukrainian artists: Andrii Makedon and Maryna Savchenko; 2 books „Loving Vincent: The Impossible Dream” autographed by the author; and 1 replica of the original Van Gogh’s paint box used during film shooting
  • 10 270 € was donated for opening and running of the Foundation’s childcare centers for Ukrainian children in Poland
  • 25 Spynka childcare centers will get materials and equipment thanks to the auction’s income


“There is nothing more truly artistic than to love people” – Vincent van Gogh


We are very grateful to the BreakThruFilms for the support and trust. Also we would like to say special thank you to everyone who took part in the auction. We can’t stress enough how much this means for us and the Ukrainian community in Poland. We will share additional updates about our Spynka programs soon. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts!