The Comenius Foundation for Child Development (Comenius Foundation) is a non-governmental organisation established in 2003 by a group of psychologists, pedagogues and community workers. Since 2005, we have had the status of a public benefit organisation.

Our particular concern is the wellbeing of those children whose chances for the future success in their adult and professional lives are smaller from the very beginning – children from rural areas and small towns, from economically and culturally neglected communities.

Our activities are addressed to non-governmental organisations, representatives of local governments, to parents, teachers, librarians, animators and directly to children. We are active on both national and local level.

On the national level, we promote the educational needs of young children through publishing, preparing reports, conducting research, organising conferences. On the local level, we provide training, projects and consultations to rural municipalities and non-governmental organisations to help them introduce developmental and educational services for young children which equalise their life chances.

Thanks to cooperation with renowned Polish and foreign early-education experts, we have access to the latest developments in pedagogical and organisational solutions which we adapt and implement in Poland. We worked with experts from the United States, Britain, Portugal, Germany, Belgium, Netherlands, Ireland, Hungary and Italy. We belong to International Step by Step Association network.

Our activities reach more than 300 rural municipalities and over 1,500 locations across Poland. So far, we have provided indirect support to more than 65,000 children aged six months to ten years living in villages, towns and cities.


Every child is unique.

Every child has the right to make their own choices and personal discoveries, to find their own answers, to face consequences, and also to make mistakes.

It is the task of adults – parents, teachers, and caregivers – to create space for children’s activities to let them know that learning about the world is a joyful and satisfying process.