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The Comenius Foundation for Child Development was established in 2003 to create the best conditions for children in the early years. We aim to provide equal opportunities for children to help them grow into open-minded individuals.  We have introduced innovative systemic and legal arrangements. We offer a wide variety of effective childcare programmes. We operate large-scale projects because we know that investing in children means a better future for all of us. 


The Child Development Foundation  inspires adults to create environments in which all young children can develop, explore and use their potential. Parents, professionals, local authorities and State administration officials are involved in our efforts. Our emphasis is on quality, measurable results and scale because only large numbers can change the world.




We are a group of educators, psychologists and social workers, for several years been operating for the education of young children. We know recent studies show that the majority of the intellectual capacity of human shapes in the earliest education of children, till 4 years old. Skills that young children take in kindergarten will help them in school and later allow tehm to get an education and a better life in adulthood .
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We operate in Poland- on rural communities urban- rural and urban areas. On the left there is a map of our activities. On the map, among others, there are:

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Our Patron

John Amos Comenius (1592-1670)

For the beginnings determine all that follows

John Amos Comenius

It is no coincidence that we named our Foundation after John Amos Comenius. His ideas on upbringing and education have a lot in common with how we understand children’s developmental and educational needs.


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